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Desert Sports Volleyball Club 2013-14  INFO / FACT SHEET


DSVC, for short, is a member of USA Volleyball (USAV) and the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA).  We train over 400 athletes annually at all phases and levels of competitiveness from beginners as young as 7 years old to college bound scholarship athletes.  Our program and philosophy are CAP, GMS and IMPACT driven and certified.  What does that mean?  We teach everything from the core fundamentals all the way to the most advanced techniques and strategies today.  All in one of the finest club volleyball facilities in Southern California and in a fast paced and super enthusiastic environment... come check it out!


To prepare each athlete to "Achieve their NEXT Goal!"  New players need to learn to love the game through proficiency of the skills and playing the game the right way.  Returning players should strive to achieve a higher level of competitiveness each season.  Players entering or returning to High School programs must prepare for the next level, and ultimately we hope that varsity level athletes have been working towards collegiate level goals through multiple recruiting avenues.


Club volleyball is a "development" program, and the overall improvement of each athlete is our utmost goal.  Technique and fundamentals go hand-in-hand with on-court success in game play. By virtue of how the game of volleyball is played, "playing time" cannot be and is not equal among all members of a team. However, every effort is made to ensure that all players are actively involved from match to match and tournament to tournament (this applies to travel club, not camps of course).  At the youngest ages playing time if far more equitable with respect to time on the court.  The nature of the game is such that some games (known as sets) last much longer than others, as do "rotations" on the court.   At older/national levels success at competitions is of the highest importance.  USAV regional and national ranking are very important to the opportunities and exposure for our top athletes and as such each player will have well defined roles and responsibilities on each team.


"Club" Volleyball refers to a program with teams that train and compete in USAV sanctioned events and tournaments. The club season runs November through June.  USAV and SCVA are the governing bodies that create the framework for each season.  Teams of 10-12 athletes are formed by both age and skill divisions.  12's and under, 13's, 14's all the way up to 18's compete in a league that often consists of over 300 teams per age division throughout Southern California.  Not all of our teams travel for tournaments, some only train locally and play within our club as a starting point to future full participation in the league.  Club season runs November through May/June each year.


Desert Sports Volleyball runs programs all year round. The Club Volleyball season runs from November through May/June depending upon the team and age group.  Tryouts/Team Selection begins in October and continues through early November.  Practices begin mid-November after school team seasons are done.  We take a two week winter break in Dec/Jan in conjunction with school breaks, and a one week spring break in late March or early April.  Summer Camps and Clinics begin in June and run through August.


Club Director Detlev Rothe has assembled a coaching staff that rivals any in So Cal.  As an NCAA and CCCAA college coach his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the game and development of athletes, coupled with the drive and passion to open a sports specific youth training facility, means volleyball is a full-time job!  Top returners such as Marion Champion (COD Women's Head Coach, CSUEB Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 2012), and Gary Wilhoite (NCAA athlete, PSHS Varsity Coach, 8 DVL league championships, 2009-2011 CIF semi-finalists), as well as the top coaching talent in the Valley including Melissa Walker (SHHS), Travis Yokimcus (PSHS), Gary Barton (LQHS) as well as coaches from Xavier Prep, Palm Desert HS, Indio HS, and Desert Christian and College of the Desert.  In all over 25 years of college playing experience and over 50 years of collegiate and youth coaching experience, all under a CAP, GMS and IMPACT certified training environment.  Nothing in our area compares.  CLICK HERE for Coaching Staff Bios

HOW DOES IT WORK (Club Volleyball Only)

There are a couple of different "levels" within our program.  Non-Traveling teams are broken into three age divisions called Little Digs and Academy I and II.  Travel teams start at the Regional level and our top team(s) at each age group are called National.  We highly recommend that players join a traveling team when at all possible and appropriate or after a year of non-travel for maximum exposure to development during real competition. Practice dates and times vary by team, each described briefly below:

Little Digs / Academy I & II (Non Travel) - Little Digs starts as young as 7 years old and is a basic intro to the game and fundamentals.  Practices are twice a week for 1 hour, no travel.  Court dimensions, net height and ball/rules are adjusted for opportunities for success and development.  Academy I is for grades 5-6 as an intro to the sport.  Practices are twice a week for 1.5 hours.  Academy II is for grades 7-8 that are new to the sports and are not able to join traveling teams.  Twice a week for 1.5 hours as well.

Regional I & II - Regional I is a "lite" traveling schedule consisting of 5 tournaments over the course of the season.  Regional II is the standard club style team with 9 tournaments during the season.  Both practice twice a week for 2 hours each practice.

National - Our "Elite" program consisting of three days a week practice for two hours each.  Tournaments include the 9 SCVA league dates plus Junior National Qualifying events and/or other nationally competitive events throughout the season plus a mandatory post-season tournament.

DO I HAVE TO TRAVEL (Club Volleyball Only)

No, but you should want to! New players are not required to join traveling team, and for that matter neither are returning players, however the purpose of our program is to prepare each athlete for the next phase of their volleyball evolution and that requires experience with competition outside of our valley!  Tournaments are held on a Saturday or Sunday from 8AM-2PM.  Most common tournament location is Anaheim, CA so we do have to drive out of the valley for USAV tourneys. If you are not sure what's right for you just ask our Director and he'll be sure that you are in the place you want to be. CLICK HERE for 2014 SCVA Tournament Schedule listed by age division.


Costs start at $69 a month and up depending upon the level of your team and the age of the athlete.  All teams have a Registration Fee ranging from equivalent to the monthly fee and up to $400 or more depending upon the sophistication and travel plans of the team.  DSVC offers several fundraisers each season and costs are spread out over as far a range of dates as possible to help keep participation affordable.  The costs for USA Volleyball are significant and we are always striving to find ways to remain below programs of equivalent level outside of our area.  The overall costs for the season are spread out over an initial payment (to register player, register for qualifying tournaments, purchase uniform, etc.) and equal monthly installments.  Installments do not directly correlate to practices or tournaments that month as schedules (especially tournaments) vary each month.  Fees are simply spread out over installments to keep upfront costs down.

WHAT'S INCLUDED (Club Volleyball Only)

Non-Travel players/teams receive a Desert Sports practice shirt and all practice fees and coaches costs are included.  Regional I & II players receive a standard uniform package, tournament entry fees for the league tournaments they will play,  and all practice fees and coaches costs are included.  National players receive the full uniform package as well as entry into the SCVA league, practice fees and coaches costs for league participation.  National teams will also be required to attend non-league or Junior National Qualifying events that will have additional costs.


If you are new to club volleyball we want to make it easy for you.  Come out to practice with your selected team and let us show you why we are the finest program you will find anywhere.  If you are a non-traveling player and after a few sessions it's just not for you we will not hold you to any further obligation.  We accept that challenge head on!


Of course!  Or maybe said another way... PLEASE! We are always in need of Team Ambassadors to help communication lines and post/promote news about teams.  PLUS, we have several players every season that must fundraise and find sponsors... if you have a business or would like to personally support our program we will ensure that it goes to help those that otherwise can't be on a traveling team or in the program at all. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities exist year-round here inside the the DSC and through our marketing and outreach to the volleyball community and beyond.


Contact Club Director Detlev Rothe at 760-772-5175 or email him HERE and we will answer any and all of your questions!  We want to be sure you have all the info you need to make the right decision and join us for a fantastic season.

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